About us

Leihbar Bonn is a library of things. Instead of books, we have things you can borrow. It’s mainly about things you don’t need every day, for example tools, camping equipment, or rarely used kitchen utensils. The idea behind it: Why buy these things expensively when you can borrow them for free in your neighbourhood?

Our motivation

The idea of a library of things is not new. It is based on the age-old concept of sharing. More and more people are becoming aware that we do not have a second earth in our boot. We only have this one. By sharing things with each other, we ensure that less has to be produced anew. In this way, we conserve the limited resources of our environment. By sharing things, our neighbourhood becomes a community. We save money and no longer have to store things we rarely use at home.

Who we are

Leihbar Bonn is run by an initiative of volunteers from Bonn. It all started with the first meetings in 2020, and the team has been growing ever since. We are supported by the Mackeviertel neighbourhood office, which is also kindly making the premises available to us.

Photo of one of our virtual meetings (not all team members are pictured)