1. What do I need to bear in mind the first time I borrow?

Please bring a valid ID with you (such as an ID card) to identify yourself. Please also bring the security deposit with you for the things you want to borrow, in cash.

2. Once i have reserved an item, is there a guarantee that I can borrow it at the desired time?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a reservation. There is always a smal risk that the person who borrowed the item before you will not return it on time.

3. How much does it cost to borrow something?

Borrowing from the Leihbar is free. For each item you borrow there is a safety deposit which will be fully refunded once the item has been returned as agreed.

4. What happens if I retun an item late?

Short answer:

We charge an overdue fee of 1 € a day.

Long answer:

Please avoid returning items late. Our booking system can only work if the borrowed items are returned on time.

if you do not return an item on time, we will charge a late fee of 1€ per day. If you cannot return the item for some reason (you are in the hospitel with a broken leg), please let us know! Dazu kannst du einfach unser Kontaktformular mit dem Betreff „Problem mit der Ausleihe“ nutzen.

And of course you can return the item sooner if you no longer need it. The next interested person can get it sooner.

You can find the applicable rules in our Terms of borrowing.

5. What happens if the item I borrowed is damaged or lost?

Short answer:

We keep your safety deposit unless you bring an item of equal value within 14 days.

Long answer:

As a borrower you are responsible for keeping an item safe and informing yourself about the proper use of an item. If possible, please keep the borrowed item in a locked room. Otherwise you are obligated to use appropriate locking devices (locks or similar) for the safety of the borrowed item.

If the item is gone or broken (excepting normal wear and tear), the Leihbar will keep your safety deposit. However, you have the possibility to replace the item with one of equal value within 14 days in order to get your safety deposit back. Equal value means that the replacement item can fulfill the same purpose as the item you originally borrowed.

You can find the applicable rules in our Terms of borrowing.

6. How can I pay my safety deposit?

Please bring the safety deposit in exact cash with you. We cannot provide change.

7. What is the difference between a donation in kind and a long term loan?

If you want to lend an item you have two options:

  1. Donate an item: give the item as a gft to the Leihbar.
  2. Long term loan: With a long term loan you still have the option of getting your item back with three months notice. For this option we sign a contract with you. However, we cannot guarantee the return of your item. If the item is broken or lost, you unfortunately have no claim to gettng it back. Of course we are doing our best to prevent this from happening!
8. Do I need to identify myself to borrow an item?

Yes. Please bring a valid ID with you when you pick up an item.

9. The Leihbar doesn't have the item I need. Can it be acquired?

If the item you need is not on our wishlist, send us a message with the subject “wishlist”. Then we can check if the item would fit in the Leihbar (for instance if there is enough storage space). If it fits, we put it on the wishlist!

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