Donate things

You got a new drill and don’t need the old one anymore? Your planned to learn the guitar, failed miserably, and now it’s just collecting dust in your basement? Or do you have a camping mat that you rarely use and would like to share with others?

Support us with a donation or a long term loan!

We are looking for useful things and devices in good condition, from electric drills to bycicle bags, and from sewing machines to tents or even ice skates. Things people don’t often need, but that are very useful once in a while.

Our wishlist

jigsaw, circular hand saw, hammer drill and drill bit, oscilating sander, electric screwdriver, hot glue gun, soldering iron, waxing and polishing machine, tile cutter, punch pliers, pliers

Home improvemet
painting fleece, extension chord, pasting table, portable floodlight, cable drum, safety goggles, hand truck, folding table, spirit level, ladder

hedge trimmer, branch shears, rake, spades, light decoration, shovel, motor scythe, parasol

Tent, sleeping mat, air mattress, air pump, tarp, pavilion, cooler, mosquito net, hammock, headlamp.

Multimedia and tech
projector, projection screen, amplifier + speakers (PA), bluetooth speaker, dictation device, polaroid camera, party lights

badminton set, bodyboard, tennis rackets and balls, monocycle, table tennis bats, bicycle bags

Guitar, Djembe, E-Piano, Ukulele

Hobby and leisure
grill, wooden table and benches, sewing machine, sleds, easel, slackline, board games, GPS tracker, walkie talkies

iron, ironing board, steam cleaner, laminator, ventilator

Raclette, fondue set, crepe maker, dehydrating device, waffle maker, rice cooker

balance bike, kids bike, car seat, travel bed, baby rocker, high chair

flipchart, tripod canvas, crutches, document shredder, folding chairs

Donation or long term loan?

There are two ways you can share your items with the Leihbar:

1) as a gift.

2) as a long term loan.

By lending something to the Leihbar long term, you have the option of taking the item back with three months notice. For this option we sign a contract with you. However, we cannot guarantee the return of your item. Specifically, if your item gets damaged or lost, you lose your claim to getting it back.

Write us what you want to donate!

Please make sure that the items are fully functional and clean, otherwise we cannot accept them. We also cannot accept books, CDs, DVDs and clothing!

Can’t find a specific item?

You need something we don’t have on our website or on our wishlist yet? Write us a message with the subject “Add to wishlist”.